Dec 16, 2012


images four and seven are by the photographer jerome ambramovitch. after looking into him a little i discovered that he founded the craze of bagel heading. i can’t bring myself to link to any articles about it. google it yourself. damn creepy.

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Dec 13, 2012


manicurist in emerald city: we can make a dimpled smile out of a frown. 
dorothy: can you even dye my eyes to match my gown? 
manicurist: uh-huh. 
dorothy: jolly old town!

-wizard of oz, 1939.

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Dec 9, 2012


this post is inspired by my exceptionally talented friend- dania shihab. she is the amazing photographer behind, and most likely in, image one. she has taught me that if you want to do something- just go and do it- and you know what- you might just be damn good at it.

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,
black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.
this one has a little car.
this one has a little star.
say! what a lot of fish there are.
yes. some are red, and some are blue.
some are old and some are new.
some are sad, and some are glad,
and some are very, very bad.
why are they sad and glad and bad?
i do not know, go ask your dad.
-dr seuss, 1960.

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Dec 8, 2012

hundreds and thousands.

it’s confetti for food.

number four is entitled ‘sorting the hundreds from the thousands’- the artist, steven emmanuel, must get even more bored than i do. 

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Jun 30, 2012


i am addicted to google image searches. i can enter a random word into the search engine in the morning and one page takes me to another and that to another… and bam! the sun is going down and my whole day has disappeared.

this morning it was egg.

—->egg… where i found image six, entitled raw egg costume from 1974.

—->raw egg costume… was by carole itterwanting to know more about who would have been making raw egg costumes in the seventies, i had to investigate her further. 

—->carole itter… is a canadian sculptural artist. while reading more about her, i saw she was mentioned on a missing persons website. her daughter, lara gilbert, although never missing, was featured on the site.

—->carol itter’s daughter… was only twenty-two when she died. although she was a gifted student and had a promising future ahead of her, she struggled with depression, drug addiction and a secret life of prostitution. she eventually took her own life. lara had been keeping a journal since she was eight years old. after her death, carole forced herself to read every one of the three thousand plus pages that her daughter had left behind. she eventually published some of these journal entries into a book- entitled i might be nothing

—->i might be nothing… ”i needed to try to understand what makes men view women’s bodies as objects, and sex as a substitute for happiness,” she wrote. “i got to experience what it’s like to be an object, a meaningless piece of flesh”.

such a sad story from such a young girl.

on a lighter note- how cool are the giant fried eggs in one? sick of looking at a boring town square, dutch artist hank hofstra said that the giant eggs were inspired by an old dutch saying- “to lay down the first egg, you have to start with the first egg”.


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May 20, 2012


i never really liked cobalt blue before sydney fashion week. but then i saw lovely blue pants and blazers everywhere- a bright splash here and there and i started to really like the colour. but it wasn’t on the catwalk that i noticed it- it was on the street.

in australia for sydney fashion week was susanna lau, of susie bubble fame. she came to melbourne after the festival and i went to see her speak. i could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but i won’t as i would be typing for days.

anyway, after susanna’s solo presentation she had a q&a with karen webster and the audience. karen webster is the program director of fashion at rmit university and former director of the loreal melbourne fashion festival.

along with susanna, she had just left the sydney fashion festival the day before. after many many years working in the fashion industry, karen commented jovially that this year was very different to any other year. there were now two distinct important groups of people at fashion week- bloggers and the huge groups of people waiting outside the shows to get their photo taken by them…

this surely is an incredible time.

after reading susie bubble online everyday for the last six years and especially after hearing her speak- i couldn’t be happier that i am living the in the information age. 

i love the internet. there. i said it.

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p.s. i have finally have justified text! thanks bobbie.

May 14, 2012


when i was visiting my parents the other day my mum, dad and i were going through a heap of memorabilia from my childhood- athletics ribbons, school reports, assignments copied straight out of the world book encyclopaedia and some  amazing avant-garde arts and crafts.

also in the drawer full of me were small white envelopes with “kathryne tooth number <insert number here>” penned across them. yay! they kept my teeth.

my mum said that the tooth fairy had delivered them back to them after she had flown in and collected them from under my pillow.

buck: did you brush your teeth? 
miles: yeah. you can even feel my toothbrush. 
buck: you know, i have a friend who works at the crime lab at the police station. i could give him your toothbrush and he could run a test on it… to see if you actually brushed your teeth… or just ran your toothbrush under the faucet. 
maisy: if that’s true, we’re gonna really have to start brushing our teeth. 

- uncle buck, 1989

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May 12, 2012


i love wrapping presents. my mum tells me that i am totally amazing at it (so it must be true!). but this is taking present wrapping to the next level.

crisp folds, clean lines and precise pleats- paper is the perfect fabric substitute.

the stairs in nine were part of the chanel 2009 spring summer couture show. omg. i love this staircase more than words. as part of the same show, katsuya kayo- a japanese hairstylist, created sixty-five amazing headpieces to accompany the chanel clothing down the runway- each made from regular printer paper. the amazing veiled creation in six is one of them. you can see more of them here.

as my mannequin stares at me in all her nakedness while i type this i feel like i should go and buy a ream of a4 and fold her up something to wear.

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May 9, 2012


i was inspired to do this post after i saw the amazing paintings by alyssa monks in one and two. and yes, i did mean paintings- not photos. amazing.

while preparing this post i came across so many sad girls in bathtubs that were about to or had already slit their wrists. we want to see this- really?!

then i stumbled across a hilarious article by neil spencer called looking sad in the bathtub is super chic. he says:

"People have just forgotten how chic it looks to be sad and distraught in the bathtub. The one place in the house that was made for dimly lit candles, introspective thoughts, and glum. The bathtub self-portrait keeps you looking unstable, but with an air of “I’ll pull it together one day, I will.” Dark eye makeup, running mascara and pouty lips are chic. Hunched, inconsolable shoulders and a chin pulled into the chest is too. So set up your tripod, move your camera closer to the perilous danger of a full tub, and start snapping away.".

i couldn’t have said it better myself.

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May 6, 2012


i love pencils. always have, always will.

the excitement that i felt when a new year of school was about to begin and i had all my new stationery was, in a word, unnatural. i would line all my pencils and textas up on the table (in colour spectrum order of course) and just stare at them in all their beauty. i seriously used to dream about my parents one day owning our local newsagency so that i could have all the pencils in the world.

using pencils to draw and colour is one thing but using them in or as your art is something else.

the giant pencil logs in seven are by jonna pohjalainen, a self-described “environmental artist”. she said that she started this piece with “empty hands”, creating it with locally found timbers. beautiful. making something wonderful from an inanimate object never fails to amaze me- why didn’t i think of doing that?!

the same can be said for dalton m ghetti who creates the unbelievable pencil tip sculptures in six from pencils that he finds on streets and footpaths.sometimes up to year long projects, he uses both a needle and small triangular blade to carve the graphite into these miniature wonders. i can’t even fathom the patience this man must have.

the rainbow in three is from fellisimo. they have a pencil subscription- twentyfive colours sent to you every month for twenty months. that’s right- f i v e  h u n d r e d pencils. it’s like you died and went to pencil heaven.

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